Knoxville, TN Art Show . . . on exhibit at Cafe Du Soliel

These images are on display at “Cafe Du Soleil” along with many more. They are all for sale and can be purchased along with your delicious meal. Please drop by and have lunch or dinner and catch up on some thrilling artwork by me.

Art JFEE©2014_-5 JFEE©2014_-3 JFEE©2014_-2 JFEE©2014_-1 JFEE©2014_-17JFEE©2014_-7 JFEE©2014_-14JFEE©2014_-9JFEE©2014_-13JFEE©2014_-19JFEE©2014_-11
© Justin Fee 2015

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