Ripley’s Aquarium of The Smokies

Here is a look inside the Ripley’s Aquarium of The Smokies located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I enjoyed the aquatic life seemingly all around me without ever getting my feet wet or my camera of course. These are all shot with my Canon 7D with only ambient light. It was a bit of a challenge as the aquarium is naturally very dark with only the light form the tanks illuminating the fish. I hope you enjoy them and happy first day of Spring 2015.

Ripley's Aquarium01 Ripley's Aquarium of The Smokies. Ripley's Aquarium18 Ripley's Aquarium17 Ripley's Aquarium16 Ripley's Aquarium15 Ripley's Aquarium14 Ripley's Aquarium13 Ripley's Aquarium12 Ripley's Aquarium11 Ripley's Aquarium10 Ripley's Aquarium09 Ripley's Aquarium08 Ripley's Aquarium07 Ripley's Aquarium06 Ripley's Aquarium05 Ripley's Aquarium04 Ripley's Aquarium03 Ripley's Aquarium02

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