Snow in Knoxville, TN 2015 Round 4 . . .

Here is round four of inclement weather that has fallen in East TN. We woke up this morning with five inches of snow covering everything in sight . . . The snow seemed to be wet and was very nice to walk in; footing was definitely better when you stayed in the thick layer of snow as opposed to the slushy tire tracks on the roads. I hope you enjoy these photos and are staying warm today:)

Arcadia . . . our Street! Leyland Cyprus Babies are not swinging today in this one. Photographfee Fence posts . . . Snow tracks  . . . Photographfee 9 Covered up too! Covered up! Lovely stick in the snowy sky Get SUM!!!! White Ducks in the mix It isn't so bad! Fire Hydrant Duck Crossing Knoxville News Sentinel mailbox

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